With the rise in pollution levels in cities it is becoming increasingly difficult to breathe fresh, unadulterated air. Yes, the oxygen we breath is not safe, in fact most of the time we are breathing in dust, dirt, car fumes, gas and many more things that are sure to cause illnesses. Are wondering what solution we have?

Well, we didn’t have any until Revolt Oxygen came into the picture. Revolt is a revolutionary product that has been launched in India without any competition. The brainchild of Prakash Saraf, Revolt oxygen is a life-saver for many. Prakash who has been using oxygen cans for a few years now swears by revolt not only because it’s his product but also because he himself has suffered due to polluted air.

Prakash was diagnosed with a temporary condition of dilated cardiomyopathy (heart enlargement) during his stay in Tbilisi, Georgia. In spite of leading a healthy lifestyle and meeting several doctors they were unable to identify the real cause. After his recovery, he chanced upon information that revealed that bad air quality is a major cause of deaths in Georgia. Bad air quality is a silent killer leading to heart diseases, stroke and lung cancer.

Thus Revolt was introduced as a purpose driven product – portable, enriched, recreational oxygen which was committed to giving our community the chance to “Breathe Life.”

Revolt stands firm on many of Prakash’s personal believes that are thriving to revolt again air pollution and striving to make a difference in the way we take for granted our environment.

Revolt is the immediate solution to stop breathing bad air while the long term goal is to better our environment and educate people about the side effects of pollution.

Revolt is currently available in two sized cans – the slim and mini versions and can be purchased on the internet from sites like amazon and snapdeal. Do try it out and let us know what you think and how you feel.

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