Your Lunch Order May Soon be Delivered by Flying Drones


flying drone


your meals in near future may be delivered home by a drone instead of a delivery executive. Zomato yesterday said that it has acquired the Lucknow-based TechEagle Innovations, which is building custom drones for commercial use.

The deal opens the doors for Zomato to make its delivery system faster and more efficient, using TechEagle’s unmanned multi-rotor drones. Both organisations remain mum about the deal acquisition amount though.

TechEagle is the brainchild of IIT-Kanpur alumnus Vikram Singh Meena. TechEagle was founded in 2015.  His startup has differentiated itself by developing unmanned aerial drones capable of carrying payloads up to 5 kg.

Zomato Founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal said in a statement.

“We are currently at the early stage of aerial innovations and are taking baby steps towards building a tomorrow wherein users can expect a drone to deliver the food they ordered online,”

According to sparse details released, Zomato will be using TechEagle’s drones for last-mile food deliveries, replacing at least some current executives and their two-wheelers. This will be especially important as Zomato seeks to expand to 100 Indian cities soon.


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